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broken laptop display…

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

Almost 4 weeks ago I got my new (work-) laptop – a wonderful Lenovo x301 :)

lenovo x301 ThinkPad

Unfortunately the joy didn’t last long – I picked it up @ the admins office, went home, took it out of the bag, switched it off and *bang*: The display was broken – I saw a fat line from the top to the bottom…

What a bummer! OK, so I called the Lenovo Hotline, which told me that I could not schedule a pick-up service for this laptop. So I had to make an appointment with the admin, so that he could send it in. All in all this DOA (dead on arrival) cost me something like 4 hours (bringing it back to the admin, talking to him and the hotline, picking it up again and sync data) :(

Lessons learned: Always buy onsite service with a laptop!