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Alice – Internet Service Provider

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Upon realizing how much we rely on the internet, I was willing to take the day off work so that Alice, a Hamburg based internet service supplier, could come and install my internet during an 8 hour allocated time slot.  Sorry but off the bat: 8 HOURS?! That in itself is a JOKE!  Who takes a day of vacation so they can sit at home and have internet set-up which takes a grand total of 10 minutes?  So last week, here I was making sure to shower before 8 am so that if by chance I was so lucky that the internet guy would come in the morning, I wanted to make sure I would hear and be available for the visit.  No music, no TV, no blender, no washing machine, not one single electrical appliance was turned on so that in case the internet guy came I would be able to hear him.  Noon passed.  2pm passed. 3pm came around and by 3:45pm I thought, ok, time to call the company and confirm whether or not a rep would be there within the next 15 minutes.  Just then, I obtained a phone call from my boyfriend, Sebastian, asking me if I had heard anything from Alice.  I said, “nope, I’ve waited around here ALL day and NO ONE has come!”  Thus, Alice obtained a phone call from Sebastian, only to be told that a rep had come by the house and no one was there.  Talk about BS!  It ended up being one man’s word against another.  In Germany, customer service does not exist!  Thus upon calling Alice again in attempt to cancel the service and try another provider, Alice said, we cannot cancel the service.  If we were to do so, we would receive a bill for the visit of the Alice rep.  Excuse me?  We should pay for a visit and service that never existed? Haha….somehow I find that ironic!

Next steps: cancel Alice.  Research internet providers in Germany.

Result: alternate service providers listed in according to highest consumer ratings:

  1. Deutsche Telekom
  2. Arcor/Vodafone
  3. Freenet
  4. O2


  • 8 hours sitting@ home
  • 30 min wait time “on hold” before speaking to an Alice rep
  • 15 min discussion with Alice phone rep
  • 45 min to draft a letter of cancellation to Alice
  • 15 min to go to post office obtain postage and envelope and send to Alice

Total Time: 9:45 min