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driving basic cars…

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Due to my job change I have driven 3 different cars since the beginning of the year. First I drove a pretty basic VW Golf which was a bit smaller than my old Ford Focus (which I had been driving for 2.5 years). Then I got a VW Polo, which is the smallest car I have ever driven. It is so basic and small that I was afraid to drive through Berlin in it – especially since Berlin has been really snowy and icy since Christmas and I wouldn’t want to know what is left of a VW Polo if it were to crash into a truck. Today I finally got to trade-in the Polo for a Seat Altea (which is a Golf class car).

The key points I would like to write about is the lack of features that these cars have: navigation, key-less locking, heated windshield, automatic windshield wippers and automatic lights. You really miss things if you’ve had the luxuries for the last 2.5 years.

During the time-frame that I was driving the Polo, I had an assignment to visit a new customer. I instantly thought this is the perfect opportunity to try the navigation on my cell phone (Nokia E66) – It was working really well! The Nokia navigation software works out of the box and even tells you where to go. Of course a problem arose: after using the navigation software for 20 minutes my cell phone was out of battery :(

Wise Note: If you decide to use the navigation software on your cell phone be sure to plug it in to the power supply…


How will I know where to go, if I don’t already know where I am?

Monday, December 14th, 2009


Imagine this, you purchase a navigation system so that when you are driving you can program in your desired destination and the wonderful work of a navigation will lead you to drive there….unless of course, your navigation system is shit…

We have a Ford Focus with Navigation system from 2007 and guess what?  Yesterday we got in the car and entered in our address…only problem was the navigator was telling us to drive in the opposite direction of where we wanted to go.  Good thing we know the layout of the city, otherwise, you might just end up driving for hours- in the WRONG direction!

Knowing the streets of Berlin we were quickly able to determine that the reading of the navigator showed that we were on a completely different street then we actually were!  As a result, we pulled off the road and turned off the ignition and then restarted it.  Hmm…nothing different!  Drive past the street signs to determine if the street name has changed (in the last 20 years) and nope, same as it’s always been.  There must be a serious malfunction.  After attempting to turn the car off one more time, then turn the entire system off, then reprogram the address and zip for the second time…at last, it worked.  Our “navi” finally had the right point of location for our whereabouts and we were then able to drive to our desired destination…a little late, but at the right place!