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Missing a delete key on your MacBook?

Monday, September 20th, 2010

I have recently switched to the apple side of life – which has way more style and is much more fun!

But I also found myself missing some keys – e.g. the delete key :(
To help you find out faster than me, here are some helpful keyboard shortcuts (combinations) for former pc users:

<fn> + <backspace> – this is like the DEL key

<cmd> + <right arrow> – this is like the END key
<cmd> + <left arrow> – this is like the POS1 key

<alt> + <right arrow> – goes right word by word
<alt> + <left arrow> – goes left word by word

You can find more keyboard shortcuts here:


broken laptop display…

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

Almost 4 weeks ago I got my new (work-) laptop – a wonderful Lenovo x301 :)

lenovo x301 ThinkPad

Unfortunately the joy didn’t last long – I picked it up @ the admins office, went home, took it out of the bag, switched it off and *bang*: The display was broken – I saw a fat line from the top to the bottom…

What a bummer! OK, so I called the Lenovo Hotline, which told me that I could not schedule a pick-up service for this laptop. So I had to make an appointment with the admin, so that he could send it in. All in all this DOA (dead on arrival) cost me something like 4 hours (bringing it back to the admin, talking to him and the hotline, picking it up again and sync data) :(

Lessons learned: Always buy onsite service with a laptop!


DELL Latitude E4300 Touchpad

Monday, November 30th, 2009

For work I use a DELL E4300, which is a really nice and handy laptop. But one thing that gets on my nerves is that sometimes when I type a long text the text cursor jumps to the position of where the mouse pointer is. After several minutes I come to realize, that a problem with the integrated touchpad has occurred. (I kid you not I was not even able to complete this sentence without this happening.)


So I’ve started investigating the problem in detail…
…I’ve tried to deactivate the touchpad via driver but the driver is also needed for the pointing stick :(
…I’ve tried to deactivate the touchpad via BIOS but there you can only deactivate both – the touchpad and the pointing stick :(

So there is only one way to work around this: Use an external mouse.

PS: Lenovo disables the touchpad if you start to type :)
PPS: My girlfriend also has problems with my laptop because the letters z and y are switched – Hahaha :)