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I like – You like!

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

Nowadays everybody wants to tell about what he/she likes or dislikes. Some of them even sing about it- the most impressive one is Keri Hilson with her song “I like”: 47 times in 3:40 min (look at the lyrics)

For me it is becoming an obvious trend which is why I’d like to provide you the chance to say “I like” to our posts ;-) (look at the upper right corner)

Wow – This blog is connected to facebook! How did you do that? – Actually that is pretty easy. Because of the new Open Graph Protocol every website/blog can be connected to a new kind of social network – The Open Graph (see introduction from Mark Zuckerberg):

And if you use WordPress as your blogging platform it is even easier to add the “I like” Button to your blog: Just install one of the available plugins! We are using “Like” from Bottomless…

Welcome to the web3.0 which has the ability to like, dislike and maybe one day: to love ;-)

(Installing this WP-Plugin and writing this article took me 15min.)