…this project

How often do you buy a brand new tech product and it goes faulty…? Have you ever calculated the hours you invest on researching, examining, fixing and repairing that stupid piece of shit…? We will add up the hours we lost because of tech-Shit and the goal of our project (blog) is to collect 1000 (in words: one thousand) wasted hours. If we reach this goal, we will start a company that offers quality assurance services for other companies producing tech-products for the people… ;-)


We are Dahlia and Sebastian, living in Berlin (Germany, that is in Europe ;-) ). Dahlia is freelancing in Marketing and Public Relations and Sebastian was working as an IT-Consultant for many years and is starting as a Project Manager at a consulting company right now. If you wanna send us an email, you can do so with connect@techshit.net.


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